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Rohs Opera House


The Rohs Opera House was built in 1871 in downtown Cynthiana, Kentucky, about 20 miles north of Lexington. The original opera house was built by a man named Hermann A. Rohs (pronounced "Ross") and his son Karl. In 1941, the opera house was expanded to fit the modern times, and thus, turned into a movie theater. It is best known for reports of a full bodied apparition called the Woman in White. Investigators have reported seeing a woman wearing a long white dress and evidence from various paranormal groups seem to support the idea that she isn't the only ghost at the theater...the sounds of children laughing and playing, as well as a man's voice have all been captured. In early 2011, the Rohs Opera House was featured on an episode of My Ghost Story. It is known to be the 3rd most haunted location in Kentucky.

Roads Hotel


 This hotel has become very popular in Indiana. This historic place is believed to have been built in 1893 by Abraham Kauffman. The hotel served as a layover for the railroad that passed through the business district. Many ancestors of the town state they have seen John Dillinger and Al Capone around this area. It is believed to be haunted by many spirits including apparitions of men, women, and children. Other paranormal activities include disembodied voices, footsteps, lights turning on and off, and doors opening and closing. It is known to be the 3rd most haunted location in Indiana.

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